There are several DIY carpentry projects you can embark on to take your carpentry skills from novice to professional in record time. With a few basic tools and materials, you can build your workbench, birdhouse, cabinet, or doorknob. The best part is that all these projects are easy enough to be completed by even beginners with no previous experience in woodworking. So if you’ve always wanted to learn how to build things but felt overwhelmed by all the different tools and techniques, consider this your ultimate guide!

Below is a list of DIY carpentry projects:


1. Build A Work Bench – For those who need an extra table where they can keep parts and supplies close at hand, this small but rugged bench will serve as both a display unit and storage solution when not in use.

2. Bird House – For someone looking to decorate their yard without changing their whole landscaping design, a birdhouse might be just what you’re looking for.

3. Cabinet – If you have a lot of stuff stored in your garage or attic, it’s about time you built a custom cabinet to organize everything into neat little compartments instead of haphazardly stacking them up.

4. Desk Organizer – The desk organizer is perfect for keeping paperwork straight and tidy. It also works great if you want to create a small office area within your home and needs some more space than traditional shelves allow.

5. Handmade Doorknobs – Doorknobs look so cool and add that rustic charm to any door. Besides making sure you doodle something nice on them, you can also put up the ones you find interesting.

6. Light Fixture – When there’s a light fixture that looks too boring, why don’t you try adding some personal touches?

7. Outdoor Wood Table – Whether you live somewhere warm every year or spend half your summer enjoying a vacation spot that has cold winters, this outdoor wooden table is a versatile addition to wherever you decide to set it.

8. Plant Stand / Planter – If you always forget to water or place plants outside during winter months, this plant stand should help remind you. As a bonus, it would be easier to reach the soil inside when planting seeds or transplanting.

9. Storage Boxes – Make sure you store your important items safely away from potential moisture and damage by building these boxes. Easy to assemble and customizable, you’ll be able to fit these boxes wherever you see fit!

10. Tool Rack – A tool rack is easy to construct and comes in handy for storing power tools and accessories. Not only that, but it also adds a touch of style to any workshop.


These DIY carpentry projects offer multiple benefits: creating useful objects, beautifying your environment, and saving money. Most of them cost no more than $50-$100, making them cheaper options than buying new furniture pieces.