Buying tires is a big investment. If you want to get the best value for your money, you should consider buying from reputable tire dealers. Tire prices vary widely, depending on where you live. The average price of new car tires ranges between $100-$200 per tire.

You can save money by shopping around for the best deal. Tire dealers often offer discounts and rebates, so check out their websites to see if they offer any incentives. You can also pay less than retail with online retailers that sell tires at wholesale pricing. But before you buy, make sure to compare all offers and sales tax charges.

When it’s time to purchase four or more tires, look into buying them as a group, this will not only help ensure you receive the lowest possible cost but also allow you to take advantage of special promotions such as cashback programs offered by many tire companies.

Here are some tips to consider when buying tires:

Tip 1

Compare different types of tires to find what’s best for your vehicle type. Don’t just rely on one source–look around! Talk to other local drivers about which dealer has the best service department and best selection. You’ll probably need premium-rated summer tires for high-performance vehicles, winter tires for snow-prone areas, and all-season tires for moderate weather conditions.

Tip 2

Look at tire size, tread depth, and load index to determine what type of tire you need. The correct combination of factors determines how well each component performs.

Tip 3

Buy tires in pairs. A set of 4 (four) passenger car tires usually costs between $250-$450 each, while a set of 4 SUV or light truck tires typically costs between $400 -$650 each. It’s cheaper that way.

Tip 4

Consider purchasing your tires through an independent tire retailer rather than a franchised store. Many independent tire stores specialize in specific brands, sizes, and types of tires and have better selection and lower prices.

Tip 5

Always look for the best deals. Dealerships may advertise deeply discounted prices, but it might be hard to find a discount unless you shop around.

Tip 6

Compare prices across multiple vendors. You’ll know exactly how much you would have saved had you purchased your tires from another company.

Tip 7

Get a written receipt. Keep this for future reference. Also, ask for the original sale invoice. They will mail it to you after the sale once the paperwork is cleared.

Tip 8

Ask for warranty coverage. Some manufacturers provide factory warranties for several years a fter purchase.

Tip 9

Look for good customer reviews. Research from online forums, consumer sites, and even social media venues like Twitter to gain insight into people’s experiences.

Tip 10

Watch for signs of overpricing. For example, don’t agree to meet a dealer’s posted sales price without first checking to confirm the actual cost of the product.


Before your next trip to the car lot , remember these tips. Remember, your new wheels should make your life easier—not harder! And most importantly, relax and enjoy your experience.