As a society, we take our phones everywhere we go. From using our phone’s camera feature to take beautiful photos whenever we want to being able to call and text loved ones instantly from a device that fits inside your pocket is truly remarkable.

With how much we use our smartphones today, it’s important to carefully consider all the essential features that make up a smartphone so you can pick a phone that best suits your lifestyle.

From style and camera quality to battery life and storage, there are so many different factors to consider when buying a smartphone you may not have thought of.

In this article, you’ll learn about the 7 top factors you should consider when buying your next smartphone.

Build Quality

You want to make sure your smartphone lasts you a long time as smartphones are expensive. There are two main types of smartphone build materials which are metal and plastic.


The size of the smartphone and its resolution are other important factors that make up the display features of your smartphone. If you want to be able to watch videos, opt for a larger smartphone.


The camera quality is another key factor to consider when getting your smartphone. Just think of all the different times you pull out your phone on a daily basis to take a picture!

If you have a professional camera and won’t be using your phone’s camera that much, then the camera quality will likely not serve that much purpose when deciding which smartphone to choose.

Battery Life

The last thing you want is a phone that constantly has low battery life. Since the use of smartphones is so integral to our daily lives, you need a phone that will last for hours on end. If you won’t be using your phone too frequently, then the battery life is not that much of an important factor for you to consider.


The general aesthetic of your smartphone is another important factor to consider. Today there are smartphone options that are both foldable as well as a regular flat device. Likewise, the camera placement on the device and the overall look of the device are important to consider.

The external color of your phone is also important. Whether you like a bold red color or a more neutral black, silver, or white option is up to you.


Something you may not realize is a large amount of smartphone storage is often already being used by apps that have already been installed on the phone when purchasing a new smartphone. This results in you getting even less storage than you may have expected. Always consider storage space when purchasing a smartphone, as the higher the storage the better.

Some common storage options for smartphones are 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB.


The speakers and overall quality of the audio on your smartphone are important. If you intend to use your phone a lot for streaming videos, then consider getting a smartphone with high-quality audio.