What kind of car problems do you encounter every day? Are they really common, or are they just something you hear about from time to time?

The automobile has become an integral part of our lives. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), cars are responsible for over 2 million deaths per year worldwide. This makes them one of the leading causes of death globally.

There are several types of car problems that you should be aware of. These include brake issues, air conditioning problems, tire problems, electrical problems, and engine issues. If you want to prevent these problems from happening, you need to note some basic things.

The following are common car problems and how to fix them:

1. Brake System Failure

This is among the most widely experienced automotive problems today. If your vehicle suddenly starts making a lot of noise when braking, it means that there might be signs of brake failure. It can also cause sudden stops, which may result in collisions. If this happens, and if you notice any unusual smell coming out of your vehicle, then you better have your brakes replaced immediately. It’s always important to do regular maintenance on your car. Routine inspection will help you identify potential problems before they get worse.

2. Air Conditioning Problem s

A faulty air conditioner system will usually give your car foul smells. However, the air conditioner itself may appear to work fine until you realize that it’s not working properly at all. This problem is so prevalent nowadays that many people don’t know their way around a car engine. They may have tried fixing the problem themselves, but they won’t know what parts to check out first without proper training.

3. Tire Problems

Tire problems occur when the tires lose their grip or fail completely. Tire problems can affect the steering wheel as well as your acceleration. As such, they can lead to serious traffic accidents. When purchasing new tires, make sure that they match the right type of wheels. Always ensure that you buy quality tires and avoid cheap tires. Cheap tires could pose safety concerns.

4. Electrical Issues

This is another very common automotive problem. Most electrical systems in modern vehicles contain complex computerized components called microprocessors. Malfunction of these systems can sometimes be caused by software incompatibility. Therefore, ask the dealer to install a new diagnostic tool kit whenever you purchase a new car. You may need to replace some parts, of course, depending on the damage.

5. Engine Issues

Engine problems are not something that only affects old cars. Even after buying a brand-new car, an engine problem can still arise. For instance, if your car’s engine seems to run rough or doesn’t turn on easily, then you might consider having it repaired or replaced. On top of that, a car engine needs regular oil changes. Make sure to change the oil regularly. This is one of the easiest ways to protect your engine from corrosion and other mechanical faults.


If you want a safe drive, you must keep your car operating smoothly. If it fails for whatever reason, you’ll need to find out the source of the issue.