A good workstation is the first step towards success in whatever venture you find yourself in. Whether you want to work from home or set up an ideal workspace for your employees, the perfect office must provide what is needed for efficiency and productivity.

Assuming you’ve gotten the ergonomics right, and you already have the perfect furniture. Coupled with that, you know the stationeries you need, which are readily available. You need the right set of devices to provide that ideal office.

Here’s a list of the essential devices your office requires, whether working from home or the office :


Every workstation needs at least one computer. It could be a laptop or a desktop, but you definitely need a computer.

Typically, because of the strength, ergonomic advantage, and sturdiness desktops come with, they’re the go-to choice for most office setups. However, the exact specifics of the computer are dependent on the kind of work to be done.

A Router

A router is essential for every workstation. This is a digital age, and as such, everything depends on how much information can be readily assessed, sent, or received.

If you run a small office, with several stations having their computers, you need an efficient method of sharing information. A local network allows each station to function more or less as a large unit. A router, in this sense, indicates both local networks and the internet.

An Internet router is your key in communicating with the rest of the world. If you’re working from home, it’s almost non-negotiable. It would be best if you had a reliable internet router. Speed is also essential, but its presence and reliability are most important for any office.

A storage Device

Storage devices are essential in keeping records and ensuring that your work files are intact, safe, and readily accessible. Cloud storage is an excellent idea in ensuring that you never lose files and records. It’s also equally important to have at least one hardware storage device.

A good practice is having cloud storage and at least two different storage devices. These are separate from the storage space you have on your computers. This way, you have each record in at least three safe places.

A Multi-purpose Printer

As much as everything is digital, we’re still at the stage where paperwork still requires paper. Several documents must be kept or used in their “ hard form ” (paper).

A multi-purpose printer is a fancy way of saying a printer, scanner, and photocopier all in one machine. This significantly saves the need to buy each of these devices. A multi-purpose printer is a must-have for an office environment that isn’t remote.

When working from home, it’s an added advantage to have, but not entirely a necessity.


There we have it, a list of the essential electronic devices every office needs, both in an office at home and an office complex. These are not all needed, but they are the vital tools you should have in an ideal office.