I want to expand on the category   of fishing. This category has a great number of different options. For example, fishing can be had from the land or water. Surf casting is an example of fishing from land and when using or fishing from a watercraft is another example. There are surf casting rods and reels for you to choose from, just as there’re rods and reels to use when fishing from a watercraft/ boat. Charter boats generally will have the fishing gear ready for you to use. Depending on the species of fish that are being fished for. For private fishermen a boat and license will be required and the fishing gear you’ll want to have is your choice. Remember there’s many species of fish, all different kinds fishing. From where l’m most familiar, that being the mid-Atlantic area, including the Chesapeake Bay there’s crustaceans, crabs, shrimp, oysters, these aren’t the scale and fin fish. Oysters are sometimes called by another name referencing fish however they are a bivalve like a clam. There are ways for fishing for them just as there’s ways to fish for crabs and shrimp. I sure hope you’ll be able to go fishing, wherever you can and use some ideas from my website. Good Fishing!