Games are a beautiful way to keep kids engaged. Games have also been shown to help with growing kids’ intelligence, alongside improving their social skills when done in groups.

In an age where parents are getting scared of kids staying indoors too much, glued to their game consoles, and smart devices, outdoor games create an avenue to help kids get out of the house and develop socially and physically.

Not just limited to your kids exclusively, games also act as a channel for parents to bond with their kids.

Incorporating fun is essential in anything kids would participate in. No fun, no willful participation. Here is a list of f our fun games kids can play outdoors


Hopscotch is a game rumored to be about 3,000 years old and yet as fun and exciting today as far as the words “ fun ” and “ exciting ” go. The basic rule is having several boxes lined rather serially, labeled one to ten inscribed on the ground, grass, or sand outside.

The first step is casting a pebble or a small stone into the first box, then hopping through each box with either one leg or two. The rule is to make sure the pebble or small stone doesn’t touch any line or fall into the wrong box. Similarly, jumping through each box must be done serially and within the box.

The game can be modified and can accommodate as many players as possible. The aim is to complete the routine through all the boxes.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is just as the name implies. Kids hide, and they are sought out. Hide and seek generally involves one player as the seeker while the other players hide. The seeker has to find the remaining players under a specific time frame. The first player to be seen takes up the next role as the seeker.


Tag is a straightforward game played by almost every adult while they were kids. One player has the title “ it. ” That player then has to chase and tag another player to become “ it. ”

It’s a fun, energetic, and engaging game for kids and adults who wish to join in. The fact that everyone is involved re-iterates the social interaction that is important in the development of kids.

Jump – rope

Jump – rope is an easy basic game needing just a rope. The basic form of the game involves three players. Two players hold the ropes at two ends, while the third player stays in the middle between the two players. The players holding the ropes continually swing the rope over and about , while the third player jumps over the rope to avoid it.

Several forms and versions of jump-roping have been created. There’s a double-dutch involving two ropes going in opposite arcs . The number of players jumping the rope can be increased as desired.


Engaging kids outdoors is essential to their growth and can be done in a fun way. These four games help do just that.