Going to the beach is a fun family experience. There’s the breeze, the sun, and the sand. Oh ! T he sand makes the whole experience complete. It’s safe for the kids, and it greatly reduces the chances of getting injured while playing.

If you’re looking for games and activities that kids can engage in while at the beach, there are tons and tons of them. We’ll be talking about a few of those games that are a fun way to enjoy the time at the beach, allow you to bond with the kids, and are entirely safe.

Fly a Kite

I’m yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love flying a kite, and what better place to fly one than at the beach. The wind is perfect, and the coastline is long enough to run and enjoy watching the kite do its thing in the air.

There are several kite designs out there, ranging in size, strength, design, and the limit to how far it can go. You can check your local vendors, kid-stores, online markets, or even at the beach itself to get one.

Water Relay

Water relay is a fun, engaging, and socially interactive game to perform at the beach . There are different versions of the water relay. A basic one is to have a plastic soda bottle and a cup. One player holds the cup on their head a distance away, while another player fills a cup with water and runs over to fill the soda bottle with the water. Upon returning to the water source, another player takes up the role, and it goes on and on till the soda bottle is full.

There can be as many teams as the numbers permit, having each team compete until the bottles are full. Some people step it up by adding obstacle courses. In some versions , the cups are replaced with sponges. The list of possible water relay games is as endless as your imaginations make them.


Spikeball is an excellent way to bring out the competitive spirit in kids out. It involves a net-like trampoline and a little ball. It usually requires two teams with two players each. The ball is served by one team, and the other tea m attempts to return the ball. It is s imilar to table tennis, except that the net is the table. A point is awarded to the team that delivers a move that can’t be returned.


Cornhole is a fantastic game, simple to play, and engaging . The aim of the game is to throw a small bag with corn kernels, or stuffed with materials that give the bag an even weight, onto a board with a hole in it. Landing a bag on the board gives one point. Successfully throwing a bag in a hole is worth three points.


And there we have it, four fun, socially interactive, and safe games kids can play at the beach, and that you can join in as an adult also.