Running is an aerobic sport loved or at least envied by most people. It’s a beautiful sport, to say the least. It’s laced with numerous benefits. From being good for the heart, and the lungs, to helping with depression. Yes, you read that right! Running has been discovered to release endorphins, producing what is termed “Runner’s high. ”

A lot of us have played with the thought of running at one point or another, some have seriously considered it, but it was just too intimidating to start. Have no fear; here’s a beginner’s guide into running.


Get a Medical Check-up

Before engaging in any sport, a good practice is to check first with your doctor. You want to get a complete medical check-up, highlighting to your doctor the fact that you’re planning on running.

Let them know the details of your plan. You plan on running 30-minutes a day, you plan on running as a sprinter, you plan on running up to 5 kilometers eventually, make sure your doctor knows , and listen to their medical advice. Do not go ahead against medical advice.

Get the Right Gear

Now you’ve got the go-ahead from your doctor. The next step is to get the right gear to begin running.

This involves getting the right outfit for running . You want durable running clothes that don’t irritate your skin in any way. Next, you need good running shoes, not too tight or loose. There are s hoes that are designed for running. Then you could consider getting earphones, headphones, or earbuds if you want to listen to something while running.

Getting a water bottle, coupled with a water bottle holder, is also a great accessory to be considered while running.

Ease Into it

It’s always tempting to get ahead of oneself while running. Going too hard has serious consequences on your body. You can injure yourself if you push your joints, ligaments, and muscles beyond what they’ve been trained for.

The aim is to ease into running. Start with walking, then graduate to light jogging, and gradually build it up as you go. Easing into it also involves ensuring that you warm up before every run. Cramps can be nasty.

Get Motivated, and Stay motivated

As much as we have great ideas and plans, we are human beings. This means that we’re hardwired to devote our time and efforts to endeavors that we deem profitable or rewarding. Running requires discipline, and rewarding yourself is a sure way to get and stay motivated.

Joining a running team is a good way to get that motivation you need to begin. The anticipation of running with others will be just the push you need to get started. Add rewards you give yourself whenever you reach certain milestones. Rewarding yourself provides the mind with the push it needs to fuel your body.


There you have it, a short guide to begin your journey as a runner.