Spring is a time for getting outdoors. A time that plants and animals are beginning to restore themselves. Likewise, people are too and for this it’s important to have the proper clothing to wear for what you are going to be doing. I suggest a comfortable pair of shoes, boots for what you may be going to do. My clothing must also be ready for the activity I set out to do. It’s nice to get the sunshine, theirs great quantities of vitamins C and D that are there for your body to quickly absorb. If you’re going to be working on your property or someone else’s then you might want a sturdy set of hand gloves to save your hands from accidental damage or blisters. They’re so many different entertaining things to do when you get outdoors, enjoy washing your car, truck whatever it maybe. Have a cookout, BBQ that’s always fun, in the evening a campfire and socializing can be a way to create bonds with your friends. Have fun outdoors.