Walking is a very good and effective cardio exercise. You don’t need a gym or any fancy equipment. All you need are good shoes and your two feet. Aside from the exercise benefit, it has a calming effect on the mind and allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery you may not appreciate otherwise.

Several people have taken to walking because of its many benefits. However, walking can become monotonous with time, even becoming a chore as time goes on for some people. So how do you make your walks more interesting? How do you make your walks something you look forward to and not something you dread having to do?


Change Your Route

Sometimes, all you need to make things interesting again is change. Try walking through a different path. As the saying goes, “ there is more than one way to the market. ” Try a different terrain and add detours to your regular walking routine. Sometimes , simply walking in the opposite direction you usually do can get the trick done.

Add a Hobby to Your Walks

Adding a hobby to your regular walks gives it a whole new perspective. It adds a new aim to your walks, something to look forward to. It changes the dynamics from something you’ve told yourself you have to do to something you look forward to doing.

You can try photography , capturing beautiful moments and scenes on camera. Or perhaps you can try having a to-do list for your walks. Pass ten school children this morning, sight three squirrels, climb over four rocks. Anything your walking environment allows you to do while walking can be added as a hobby.

Start Listening to Something

Walks can be long, so tap into that potential. Adding sound to your walks will help you go through them much easier. It transforms your walking experience.

There are tons of beautiful songs to help you undertake that journey with your feet. Or perhaps you’d like to get information as you walk. Podcasts and audiobooks are excellent tools to achieve that. You can even learn a language while walking! All you need are a pair of headphones, earphones, or ear buds. Find that podcast, channel, book, or playlist that you love, and voila! Your walks just got more interesting.

Find a Group or a Companion

I know some of us really enjoy our personal space and would love to keep our walks to ourselves. But if you’re open to the idea, walking with someone, or people, makes the experience even more enjoyable. The excitement of spending time with someone or people every day becomes something you begin looking forward to.


Walking is a wonderful way to exercise, bond, think, meditate, and refresh the mind alongside the body. If you’re looking for ways to make your walks more interesting, these tips will do just that for you.