When it comes to fishing, you need the right fishing rod for you that is both high-quality, versatile, and portable. However, finding the right fishing rod can be difficult.

Whether you are looking for a new fishing rod upgrade, broke your recent fishing rod, or are a beginner looking to get into fishing, these are the important features you need to consider when buying your next fishing rod. You need a fishing rod that is strong enough to go up against the toughest fish out there but is affordable and at rod length most suitable for your fishing needs.

In this post, you’ll discover all the features you need to consider when buying your fishing rod.



With any purchasing decision, it’s important to buy your fishing rod within your price point. A fishing rod can cost anywhere from just $20 to over $200. Yet, it’s important to understand that likely the higher the price tag, the more high-quality the fishing rod.

So, if you are just going to fish once and don’t mind if you have a “bad” cheap fishing rod, feel free to save some cash and purchase a cheaper fishing rod. However, if you anticipate/ normally fish frequently, it may be a good investment to purchase a higher-end fishing rod to ensure the rod doesn’t break easily and gives you all the results you need to have the perfect catch.

Size/ Fishing Rod Length

The size/ rod length is important when it comes to the overall functionality and purpose of the fishing rod. The length of your fishing rod can be anywhere from 4 to 14 feet long! The rod length is an important factor to consider when it comes to how far you can cast your line. The longer the fishing rod length, usually the longer the ability to cast. With that said, the longer the rod, the more difficult it is to use and maneuver.

Fishing Rod Material

The type of fishing rod material, from fiberglass to graphite to composite material, will inevitably impact the performance of the fishing rod.

Fiberglass Fishing Rods

A fiberglass rod is a reliable material and is extremely strong and affordable. However, the main disadvantage is it is not too sensitive to fish bites.

Graphite Fishing Rods

A graphite rod is lighter than a fiberglass rod. This means they are also more sensitive to fish bites and naturally you will have an easier handle because it is not too heavy.

Composite Fishing Rods

Composite rods are known for their great performance, above both fiberglass and graphite rods. Being that this is a mixture of both previous rods mentioned, the composite rods are flexible and have a near-perfect weight, and do not compromise on the sensitivity when it comes to fish bites.